Jr. Kindergarten

Jr. Kindergartners are 4 year olds turning 5 during the school year.  A child must have reached the age of four years by August of the fall in which he would be entering Jr. Kindergarten.  Although children with summer birthdays (June & July) are eligible to begin Jr. Kindergarten as a 4 year old, we gladly welcome 5 year olds with summer birthdays to enroll in Jr. Kindergarten as well.  For a better understanding of our thoughts on summer birthday enrollment, please see our GCS Entrance Age Standards.

Tuition for 2019-20:  $2000 for the year; $1,000 per semester (*or $2500 for the year; $1250 per semester)

Registration & Application Fees:  Same for Jr.K-12th grade.

Half-day students are at school 8:30-1pm on Tuesday/Thursday.

Full-day students are at school 8:30-3:30 on Tuesday/Thursday.

*Jr. Kindergarten Afternoon Program: 1pm-3:30pm. During this optional afternoon program, students will have a short rest time followed by review games and a craft activity which will aim to solidify morning lessons.  They will spend the remainder of the afternoon reading books and playing outside. The fee for the Jr. K Afternoon Program is $500 for the year.