A La Carte Classes

Homeschooling students in 7th-12th grade may apply to take a la carte classes at GCS if space is available and the student meets requirements to take the class, with a maximum of 3 classes per year.  Classes are on the GCS campus during normal class times on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two semesters.  8th graders may be eligible to take some high school classes if prerequisites have been fulfilled. Because students will be enrolled at GCS, all school policies apply (uniform, discipline, attendance for the class, etc.).

Registration Fee $150

Application Fee  $50 (One time)

Registration & Application Fee family caps apply for high school students with other family members at GCS. See the tuition page for family fee cap information.


$350 per class 1.5 hours or more per week (Aug-May)

These are typically core classes such as history, math, or science classes.*


$300 per class less than 1.5 hours per week (Aug-May)

These are typically non-core classes such as Latin, logic & rhetoric classes, or Bible Survey.


*Writing/Literature is two core classes combined into one. If the pricing for the class were broken down into hours, it would average 1 hour for writing and 1 hour for literature per week, which would bring the combined total for the class to $600. However, since it is a combined class, the cost is “discounted” by $150, bringing the total for the Writing/Literature class to $450 for the year.